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Power Generation Training & Services

Mining Energy Services

RLN technicians have extensive experience with the setup and maintenance of the energy and power system needs of the mining industry. We understand the unique need for a full energy management and are well aware of the seriousness a power failure creates.

Our service offerings are comprehensive, and are delivered by a deep pool of highly skilled managers and field technicians.

Field Services

  • Minimal downtime… RLN field technicians are efficient, and fully understand the scope of the project they’re working on. This results in minimal downtime for client’s power systems.
  • Certified Safety… RLN adheres to numerous safety standards, meaning we’re ready and able to work in remote and restricted areas that other firms lack training for.

Rental Generators

RLN Energy can supply Rental Generators for any prime power or standby application, If we don’t have it readily available we can quickly locate, mobilize and set up where ever you require power. Read More

Sales and Resale Services


  • Sales of Power Generation Equipment including diesel, natural gas, HFO/LFO, and turbine power.


  • Resale of your existing used equipment by utilizing our extensive network of Power Generation suppliers and customers.

Energy Applications

  • Mapping your energy needs and recommending the most cost effective power system for your worksite.

Design Specific Services

  • Working with our Engineering partner, RLN can develop a complete Power Plant design including installation and final commissioning
  • Generator Heat Recovery System Design, RLN can develop the best power system efficiency
  • Reliability analysis
  • Generator testing and repair

Automation Specific Services

  • Plant automation design
  • Full functional checkout
  • Field calibration services
  • Equipment commissioning
  • Custom programming

Ice Blast Cleaning

  • Specialized electrical cleaning provided on demand
  • On line energized or deenergized off line
  • Zero residue – absolute zero impact

Maintenance Specific Services

  • Plant Maintenance Methodology – Routine and Shutdown
  • Operational Management
  • Maintenance Work – Development and Planning
  • SAP PM/PS Modules for Maintenance Planning and Project Controls
  • Mainsaver CMMS
  • Plant Routine Work Processing
  • Shutdown and Major Maintenance Planning
  • Predictive Maintenance Using Maintenance Plans
  • Project Management
  • Project Scope Development
  • Creating and Managing Project Schedules
  • Procurement of Goods and Parts
  • Human Resources and Capacity Planning
  • Reporting

Training Specific Services

  • Power system equipment maintenance
  • Safety and switching operations
  • Equipment operation-electrical and non-electrical perspective
  • Protection and control for generation and distribution systems
  • Training, Coaching, and Mentoring on Maintenance Processes and Associated Tools in Industry
  • Substation safety
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Power transformers
  • Power cable terminating, splicing, and testing
  • Motor & generator testing
  • NETA Standards and Specifications



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