Welcome to RLN Energy Services

RLN Energy Services is a privately held Alberta based corporation with a team of experienced staff specializing in the electrical and mechanical industries. We provide sales of power systems equipment including:

  • Natural Gas Equipment
  • Turbine Powered Equipment
  • Genset Generator
  • Diesel Generator Set
  • Portable Power Plant
  • Portable Diesel Generator
  • HFO/LFO Equipment
  • & More

RLN Energy Services is a member of The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals in Alberta (ASET). We have a staff of fully trained and experienced technicians who are skilled in all aspects of power system setup and installation. Additionally, RLN has an employee base trained in the generation of power using the latest Jet Turbine Technology.

Corporate Capabilities

RLN provides and manages a full spectrum of professional and technical services including:

  • sales and/or resale of power systems equipment
  • final commissioning of a broad range of power systems
  • project management
  • computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) setup and implementation
  • preventive maintenance consulting and program setup
  • training of operation and maintenance personnel
  • operations and maintenance services
  • procurement and expediting services
  • employment sourcing

Contact RLN Energy Services

We are available for consultative services and can best recommend the ideal power system for your worksite. Whether you are considering a Genset generator, portable diesel generator, diesel generator set, portable power plant, or need recommendations on the best power generator, we can assist you. Contact us for assistance anywhere in Edmonton, Alberta by phone (780) 991-8575 or email randy@rlnenergyservices.com.


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